A Return To The Bathtub

Well, it’s clearly been months since I’ve done any postings here, but I’ve decided to reinvigorate this blog – I’ve honestly missed it. I’ll still be doing foreign film reviews on Examiner.com (the link to those reviews is on the right side of this page), and, here, the occasional post involving European-style Social Democratic political shit-stirring. (But, honestly, with almost three months to wade through before this election, and being a little oversaturated with it anyway, they’ll be pretty infrequent).

But I’ll mainly be using this blog to write about some of my favorite films, and film genres, without having to wait for an actual theatrical showing. The Examiner reviews are published when that particular foreign film can be seen in an actual theater in Chicago, on the big screen. Films I review here will need to be found on DVD, On-Demand TV, Netflix, Hulu or other places – they probably won’t be shown in theaters (but when they are, I’ll certainly alert you). I’ll do the occasional current non-foreign big screen release from time to time, but it’ll primarily be foreign films and American independents, films I really like and want to alert you to, and share with you.

I’ll also be making a point of doing most film reviews as larger Projects. The Russ Meyer Project posts of a few years ago (links to the right) have been very popular, and I had planned on doing a Luis Buñuel Project as well before reality conspired to distract me from that. So, as well as picking up where I left off there (links for my earlier Un Chien Andalou and L’Age D’Or reviews are at the right of the page as well), I’m also going to be doing an Italian Giallo Project, a survey of those stylish, sexy and inventively gruesome films from the sixties, seventies and eighties, featuring directors like Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci.

In the next few weeks, look for Buñuel write-ups on Las Huerdes (Land Without Bread), Los Olvidados, and Susana, followed by the first Giallo article on Dario Argento (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Four Flies On Grey Velvet, Deep Red and Tenebre).

Subsequent Projects will involve actors (Delphine Seyrig, for one) as well as directors. And, of course, I’ll consider requests – especially on Buñuel and Giallo films, but suggestions for Projects as well.


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