Thought I’d share this incisive review from the Cine-File site – it expresses many of my feelings about this infuriating documentary:

Gereon Wetzel’s EL BULLI: COOKING IN PROGRESS (New Documentary)
Gene Siskel Film Center — Check Venue website for showtimes

Earlier this week, the well-attended Facebook page of Grant Achatz’ $$$$ Fulton Market restaurant Next attempted to give away a few passes for one of this week’s screenings of the EL BULLI film, and over three thousand people—most of whom believed the restaurant was actually giving away reservations for their upcoming simulation of the titular Catalonian molecular gastronomy destination—publically pleaded for a chance to spend $350 on fancy dinner. Which is to say—for the 99 percent not well-connected enough to hook up and/or afford a reservation—let them eat HDCAM: here, the untrained can puzzle over the first half of the film, a sort of unannotated laboratory ethnography, in which typically idiosyncratic El Bulli chef Ferran Adrià and his staff attempt to deconstruct and reconstruct some seemingly basic ingredients (tangerines, olive oil, pasta) in aggressively novel forms. The latter half, taking place on opening night and thereby conforming more closely to reality-show pacing conventions, curiously manages to avoid a seemingly relevant creature: the El Bulli customer, those epicurean global citizens with time and money to burn. So if you’re wondering who’s actually supporting this outrageous, hyperefficient, avant-garde barnacle of inequality on our tumbling planet, well, you can take a number on that, too. (2010, 108 min, HDCAM) MC

Check the venue website for possible sold-out shows.

More info at


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