Joe Klein thinks Ron Paul is “an ideologue and – we’re very lucky – an entirely honorable one. His is an important voice. It helps frame the debate; it helps keep his opponents honest.” That doesn’t mean he should be President…

“…it would be nice to believe that people can take care of themselves without government help, but it just hasn’t proved true in the past: Programs like Social Security and Medicare — programs which run directly against America’s Jeffersonian/libertarian tradition — were necessary because people couldn’t take care of themselves. The elderly, especially, had trouble paying medical bills after their working days ended. The American people, through our government, decided to make a very rudimentary deal: to make sure that our parents didn’t starve or sleep in the streets or were unable to get medical care. There was nothing unconstitutional about that — just as there’s nothing unconstitutional about requiring people to have medical insurance now. The deal was made with the consent of the governed.”


“Ron Paul… is leading most polls in Iowa with a message of cutting government, including the defense budget, and staying out of wars.

“The problem isn’t that he’s saying it. Paul has been consistent for years. The problem for the GOP establishment is that the American people are now listening. And this threatens the coalition that can put Karl Rove and Wall Street and the Religious Right at the same table to slice the pie of power.

“I’m not endorsing Paul here. But you’d have to be blind not to see Republican bosses in panic. Because if Paul wins Iowa, his ideas might catch fire. And then the bosses won’t be able to feed as easily.”


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