Two articles on Movie City News impressed me because the people in the articles are so admirably reasonable:

Kelly McGillis on the 25th anniversary of ‘Top Gun’:

“It never would have occurred to me when I was making ‘Top Gun,’ that I’d still be talking about it 25 years later … I don’t look back. I don’t have favorites of my films. I learned important lessons from all of them so they’ve all been big gifts to me.”
“At the moment, McGillis resides with her partner Melanie Leis in Collingswood, N.J., where she works full-time as a drug and alcohol counselor. “I feel so blessed to be able to go to work each day,” says McGillis who recently celebrated 10 years of sobriety.
“I prayed for a long time for God to allow me to live a life of loving service and that’s exactly what I have now. I’m happy about that.”,0,329900.story

David Nicholls on the movie version of his book, ‘One Day’:

“The first thing you lose when you put things onscreen is that inner monologue, the voice in a character’s head that explains why they’re doing what they’re doing and makes them likeable, or bearable, to a reader if they’re behaving badly – Emma and Dexter are not always at their best in the book. But onscreen you have to leave that to the actors. So that was the hardest loss,” Nicholls said.
“I didn’t want to write another goofy guy and wisecracking girl. Men and women in a lot of romantic comedy have been pushed into opposing camps. The women are ultra-feminine and obsessed with shopping; and the men are kind of slobby and only ever want to spend time with other men and talk about football. I didn’t recognise this in real life. Most of my best friends are female and they are interested in politics and not that bothered about shoes. I wanted to write someone who wasn’t cut from the same cloth as the conventional female characters.”

All admirable good intentions aside, general consensus is the movie’s pretty stinky. God bless, and better luck to, Lone Scherfig next time – she’s a talented director, if ‘An Education’ is any indicator.


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