Politics / Socioculture

This may cost Obama a second term. Not because Dems will vote Republican, but because no one will bother voting at all after this betrayal.The other question I keep running across – “Would Hillary have done this?” Sadly, I suspect Yes, but it’s fair food for thought.

“Obama both believes in the corporatist agenda he embraces and assesses it to be in his political interest to be associated with it. If it means “painful” entitlement cuts for ordinary Americans at a time of massive unemployment, economic anxiety and exploding wealth inequality, so be it.”

“What’s particularly revealing in the Social Security/Medicare assault is the political calculation. The President obviously believes that being able to run by having made his own party angry — I cut entitlement programs long cherished by liberals — will increase his appeal to independents and restore his image of trans-partisan conciliator that he so covets. But how could it possibly be politically advantageous for a Democratic President to lead the way in slashing programs that have long been the crown jewels of his party, defense of which is the central litmus test for whether someone is even a Democrat?”

“Obama knows full well that he can slash Medicare, Medicaid and even Social Security — just like he could sign an extension of Bush tax cuts, escalate multiple wars, and embrace the Bush/Cheney Terrorism template recently known in Democratic circles as “shredding the Constitution” — and have most Democrats and progressives continue to support him anyway.”



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