Folks are justifiably frustrated at the latest developments in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. But Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. is losing the grip on a number of other high-profile cases as well.

“…the accuser’s attorney, Ken Thompson, went back and forth with reporters for 20 minutes, at one point questioning Vance’s resolve.
“The district attorney “is too afraid to try this case,” Thompson said. “We believe that he’s afraid that he’s going to lose this high-profile case.”
“That fear, he suggested, stemmed from the stunning acquittal late last month of two police officers on charges that one had raped a drunken fashion-house staffer they had escorted home.
“Jurors reached the not-guilty verdict despite dramatic testimony by the woman and security videotape showing the officers repeatedly entering and leaving her apartment building over the course of the night. They instead convicted the officers of misdemeanor official misconduct for returning to the building without telling dispatchers where they were.”

“There was more bad news last week in another closely watched case — that of construction supervisors charged in the deaths of two firefighters in a high-rise blaze in 2007 near ground zero. A jury acquitted two of the defendants after their attorneys argued prosecutors made them scapegoats for the removal of a standpipe that would have provided water to fight the fire.”


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