Matt Taibbi’s new ongoing series “The Supreme Court of Assholedom,’ as you may suspect, is a lot better than its post-collegiate-humor sobriquet. A recent case: ‘Dragon Mother’ Amy Chua.

“When Larry Summers once said that he thought that “countries in Africa are vastly UNDER-polluted” compared to countries in the West, his reasoning was that Western human beings were economically far more productive than Africans (if you go by GDP per capita) and therefore it made more sense to pollute in Africa because the quantifiable cost, in economic terms, would be less. This instinct to numerically measure the worth of people by how much money they make is the kind of social psychosis that produces an Amy Chua; she’s what you get when you live in a world that completely devalues qualities like honesty, integrity, decency and kindness, and conversely celebrates things like Having Stuff, Looking Good and Winning.”


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