Politics / Socioculture

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY). Word.

“The current Republican attack on women’s personal liberties, our access to reproductive health services and our right to lifesaving medical care is stunning in its scope, appalling in its indifference, and outrageous in its arrogance. Their proposals go way beyond anything in current law, significantly reducing access to family planning services and making abortion uninsurable. For years, anti-choice advocates succeeded in whittling away at reproductive freedoms, but the current three-pronged attack goes far beyond anything in existing law and is dangerous beyond measure.”

“Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of family planning services, and for roughly 60 percent of their patients, they serve as primary care physicians. According to the 2008-2009 Annual Report for Planned Parenthood, 90 percent of the health care they provide is designed to prevent conception, reduce the incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) through testing and treatment, and to prevent cervical and other cancers through lifesaving screenings, including one million pap tests, 830,000 breast examinations and 4 million STD tests. The GOP’s anti-woman provisions would make it impossible for poor women to receive such services at providers such as Planned Parenthood, leaving many women with nowhere else to turn.
“Even as they complain about “the government’s intrusion into people’s lives”, the far-right forces of reaction are using their newfound power, not to grow the economy, but to invade even the most personal areas of women’s private lives, coming between her and her doctor, and dictating her decisions in private family matters.
“Not one of these Republican proposals would create a single job, decrease the deficit, expand the economy, increase our freedom or insure our liberty. These proposals are not merely anti-choice — they are also anti-health and anti-woman.”



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