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The campaign to bring down WikiLeaks has now attained draconian absurdity. Allegedly ( I suppose I have to use that word, but, really, who puts this past them?), Bank of America has authorized one of its law firms (with close ties to, and covert blessings from, the U.S. government) to hire other internet security firms (read: corporate hackers) to infiltrate and subvert WikiLeaks and its supporting internet entities, for fear that the next released batch of WikiLeaks goodies will aggressively target Them (BofA). Salon, in support of one targeted journalist, their own (admirable) Glenn Greenwald, is reporting on this extensively, and it’s worth following the articles and links thereof to discover how journalism and free speech are being devalued in this country.

“There are supposed to be institutions which limit what can be done in pursuit of those private-sector goals. They’re called “government” and “law.” But those institutions are so annexed by the most powerful private-sector elites, and so corrupted by the public officials who run them, that nobody — least of all those elites — has any expectation that they will limit anything. To the contrary, the full force of government and law will be unleashed against anyone who undermines Bank of America and Wall Street executives and telecoms and government and the like (such as WikiLeaks and supporters), and will be further exploited to advance the interests of those entities, but will never be used to constrain what they do.”


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