Charlie Louvin 1927-2011


One response to “Charlie Louvin 1927-2011

  1. John,

    Don’t know if you saw it on Youtube, but there’s a segment from a british documentary about the great country brother harmony acts (Stanley Brothers, Delmore Brothers, Charlie & Ira) – and the most interesting point made was about the freedom and creativity particularly evident in the Louvin’s harmonies. The assumption of which one was the lead vocal changes with the notes, and there are various shifting intervals and inversions not really possible in a traditional three part harmony. I think that Charlie comments that those things were intuitive and natural with the brothers, in a way that popular music has seldom seen since – except maybe Phil & Don Everly, and maybe Lennon & McCartney (who should have been brothers). Favorite tune – “You’re Running Wild” – sublime. I saw Charlie Louvin play @ the Heartland two years ago – he was generous and appreciative when I approached him after a set (he signed something for me), but he was still missing the great harmony vocal to complete the sound. R.I.P.

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