Economics / Politics

Paul Ryan’s ‘Roadmap for America’ had a few admirable ideas in the margins. But, par for the course, Republicans are only promoting the most disruptive, hard line elements.

“With its draconian spending cuts, Medicare rationing, tax cuts for the rich and Social Security privatization, a GOP platform based on Ryan’s Roadmap would about as popular as the Ebola virus.
“Why is it that Republicans love to say that “everything is on the table” but the only thing that actually ever gets mentioned is the two most successful programs for the average American and cutting for those who can least afford it? Let’s be clear: Social Security is NOT an entitlement–it’s a trust. Nor will it ever be insolvent if the income cap is removed. That’s all it would take, but instead we have Republicans preaching austerity measures for senior citizens as if that would solve all our economic woes. Idiots.


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