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Boxer Christy Martin is staging a comeback after a very nasty few months. She seems pretty well matched against, once again, Dakota Stone, but this still feels like a really bad idea. Perhaps even more so because this NYT article appeared in the Fashion & Style section, not Sports.

“As a boxer, Christy Martin’s signature color was pink: pink shorts, pink robe, sometimes even pink boots. Pink was her color when she fought on the undercard of a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas in 1996, the blood dripping onto her shorts; pink was her color when she became the only woman boxer to make the cover of Sports Illustrated the following month; pink was her color after her career and women’s boxing had both fizzled, when she fought her last fight a year and a half ago, at a New York State fair. The guys in her corner hadn’t liked the pink at first, she said, but after that Sports Illustrated cover, they were all asking if they could wear the pink.
“When Christy Martin’s husband and trainer, Jim Martin, allegedly attacked her two months ago in their Orlando, Fla., home after she reportedly told him she was leaving him for a woman, pink was the color of the 9-millimeter Glock pistol they fought over.
“Christy Martin was pretty beat up by then. According to police reports cited by the prosecutor at Mr. Martin’s bail hearing, her husband stabbed her in the breast, back and leg, thrusting so violently that Ms. Martin’s leg, when she tried to kick him off, was cut almost to the bone. At one point, Ms. Martin was shot. After an hour, during which, prosecutors said at the hearing, Mr. Martin “mashed and bashed” his wife’s head into a dresser and nightstand as she lay on the bedroom floor, Ms. Martin managed to run outside, flag down a driver and get to a hospital. Mr. Martin is now in the Orange County Jail in Orlando, awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder.

“Why would she want to go back to boxing after being so badly hurt?
“I’m in the hurt business,” Ms. Martin said.”


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