Environment / Politics

The cliché really is true – if they’re not doing anything wrong, than what do they have to hide? News Flash: it really is all about the money.

“…the House of Representatives’ bipartisan Natural Gas Caucus is, despite growing public concerns over drinking-water contamination, opposing the Interior Department’s effort to force natural gas drilling companies to disclose what toxic chemicals are used in the hydraulic fracturing process (commonly referred to as “fracking”).
“In a letter to (Interior Secretary Ken) Salazar last week, (46 Democrats) argued that “people have a right to know what is being done to their land and what risks that may carry.”

“Communities across America have seen their water contaminated by the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process,” the letter said. “When big energy companies decide they want to drill on public lands, they should have to tell the public exactly what chemicals they’re pumping into the ground. We already know of several carcinogens and neurotoxins that are used in drilling process. If the industry had their way, we wouldn’t find out about the other chemicals being used until they show up in the water supply.”


Thanks, Scott.


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