I need to find the Golden Globes telecast online today. I missed it, and it sounds yummy.

“The telecast reminded me of the last 30 minutes of a Friar’s Club roast, when the facade of good-natured ribbing has disintegrated and you’re left with the spectacle of sadomasochists whipping each other, only it was like that all the way through — an orgy of hatred and self-hatred interrupted by flashes of warmth, pride, nostalgia, and wit, like pretty much any other awards show telecast times ten.
“…the show was sort of amazing, because it captured the mix of naive sentimentality and rancid cynicism that defines showbiz — and the audience’s relationship to showbiz. The 68th annual Globes proved, more vividly than the mostly staid and self-mythologizing Oscar and Emmy broadcasts, that there is, in fact, a Hollywood community, that its members truly do respect one another for all kinds of reasons, and that when you put a few hundred of its most popular and/or accomplished denizens in the same ballroom, there’s a chance that the tribal hierarchies will dissolve for a few hours and they’ll see each other not as enemies, obstacles or undeserving slugs, but as peers and inspirations.
“And yet this very same group will summon the self-doubt and self-loathing that’s also a part of entertainment and project it through your TV screen in waves – the deep-rooted fear that maybe success is less about talent than who you know and who you’ve screwed, and whether you’re strong enough to endure rejection and lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time; that perhaps this industry really is as childish, shallow and sleazy as everybody says; and that the Golden Globes — and perhaps by extension all showbiz awards — are so corrupt and worthless that they deserve to be mocked and reviled by the likes of (Ricky) Gervais.”


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