Politics / Economics

Yet another phrase has been stripped of any real meaning by its opportunistic use as a conservative bludgeon.

“Republicans these days can’t get through a sentence without tossing in their new favorite adjective, “job-killing.”
“In the fevered Republican imagination, the entire federal government is a “job-killing machine” or – my personal favorite – a “job-killing beast.”
“What’s so curious is that it’s hard to find almost any Republican concern about employment homicide during 2008, when George W. Bush was president and the economy was shedding 4.4 million jobs. Given the lag with which economic policy works, the biggest net job loss that could credibly be assigned to Obama during his two years in office would be less than a million.
“I wonder how Republicans and their media posse would like it if Democrats started referring to “genocidal” deregulation or the “murderous” repeal of health-care reform. Or if Republican economic policies were likened to the infamous neutron bomb – they kill the workers but leave their jobs intact.
“Unfair? No doubt. But no more so than portraying as “job-killing” every regulation, every tax and every dollar of government spending.
“There is an unmistakable redbaiting quality to the “job-killing” rhetoric, a throwback to the McCarthy era. It reflects the sort of economic fundamentalism better suited to Afghan politics than American. Rather than contributing to the political dialogue, it is a substitute for serious discussion. And the fact that it continues unabated suggests that Republicans are not ready to compromise or to govern.”



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