You WILL pay more for 3D movies, whether you want to or not. Why does everything good and popular in American culture need to be transformed by high-margin corporate theme park mentality?

“Two things of note: 2011 will have the most packed summer schedule in recent memory. 2011 will have an obscene number of films being shown in 3D at multiplexes near you.
“Generally speaking, big-studio 3D releases that are offered in a healthy selection of 2D auditoriums end up splitting the ticket sales about 50/50. Point being, if moviegoers have the choice, about half of them simply opt for the 2D option. Just as film-goers have largely decided that maybe they don’t want to pay the $5 surcharge and wear glasses to enjoy films that do not need to be seen in 3D to be appreciated, studios have so much 3D product coming your way that you may no longer have the choice to see these films in 2D theaters.
“I imagine that quite a few casual moviegoers, the ones who don’t NEED to see the newest releases as soon as possible, will opt to put even more of the major studio product on their future Netflix queue. And films that might have otherwise survived and/or flourished in 2D will struggle as the attendance drop won’t be evened-out by the higher ticket prices.”


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