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The unjustified derision heaped upon Julian Assange highlights the new wave of apologists-of-the-empire writers employed by mainstream media these days. Matt Bai of the NYT follows in the footsteps of the Judith Millers, Mark Halperins and John Burns of the world, journalists whose ‘investigative’ journalism turns out to be artful paraphrasings of what the administration wants you to know, rather than objective analysis of the truth.

“In a sense we should thank Matt Bai for this article, because it leaves nothing to the imagination. This is the attitude of the political class in D.C. – and that class includes insider journalists like Bai who first and foremost believe it is their job to defend, rather than question, the Beltway’s political elites. Why such loyalty from the journalists who are supposed to be employed to challenge rather than serve power? Because today’s “journalists” like Bai see no difference between themselves and those they serve. Indeed, when they hear the term “political elites” – they now see themselves in the mirror.”


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