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Five Ohio State football players will face five-game suspensions in 2011 for personally selling their own autographed jerseys, awards and equipment. But they get to play in this year’s Sugar Bowl, because not letting them would cost too much money. Andy Staples in Sports Illustrated has had it with NCAA hypocrisy.

“Basically, you got suspended because the NCAA doesn’t want you infringing upon your school’s ability to make money on your backs. Click on the fan shop link on the official Ohio State football Web site. There, you’ll find dozens of authentic, game-worn football jerseys for sale at $300 a pop. Shame on you for diluting the inventory and for providing such in-demand items as that sportsmanship award and Terrelle’s “gold pants.”
“Each of you provides more value to your school than you receives from your scholarship. You all contributed to three Big Ten titles. You all contributed to three teams that made BCS bowls. In two of those years, your team was a BCS at-large selection, which brought in millions more for the Big Ten. Did you get a bonus in your scholarship check the next semester for your contributions to the financial health of your athletic department and to the athletic departments of 10 other Big Ten schools? Didn’t think so.”


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