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What’s up with Randy and Evi Quaid? Folie à deux, or are people really out to get them?

“‘Once the play thing happened,” Evi said, as the three of us drove around Vancouver in the middle of the night, “I wanted to figure out why we were being accused of so much bullshit and why people were trying to kill us.” So in 2009 the Quaids contacted Becky Altringer, an L.A. private eye featured in the 2006 documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated.
“Altringer, who filed three lawsuits in small-claims court against the Quaids in 2010 for nonpayment of more than $15,000 (the cases have now been settled), said on the phone, “The Quaids wanted me to find out who was trying to kill them. The ‘union mob’ in Evi’s mind was Actors’ Equity and the Screen Actors Guild.” After Randy left Lone Star Love, “Evi’s stability changed,” she said. “I saw her get worse in a matter of weeks. Heath Ledger, Chris Penn—it all happened [around] the same time. So I thought, O.K., maybe there are some solid concerns here.
“So I started researching. And there really is no mob, nobody was out to kill them, it was all coincidental, and every one of these actors died at their own hands [Heath Ledger died of an apparent drug overdose and Chris Penn of a “cardiac event”]. But when I tried to tell Evi that, she went nuts and said, ‘No, you’re wrong.’ ”
“In the summer of 2009 the Quaids stayed with Altringer and her partner for three days. “They had nowhere to go,” she said. “They had no car—all their cars were repossessed. I kicked them out on June 27. Then Evi went nuts.
“Three weeks they rented a mobile home from me—it was my partner’s mom’s—after we kicked them out of our house. I was literally going insane from Evi and her dog. She let it urinate in the house; she took our dinners out to the dog—roast beef. She woke up in the morning and said the mob was here—they have chainsaws and shovels; they’re going to bury us. I said, Evi, that’s the gardener.” Evi denied all of Altringer’s allegations.
“The detective also said she saw Evi “snorting a powdered substance. I saw her snort a whole pill,” which Evi told her was Demerol. “I just about gagged.” Evi said she sometimes snorts crushed Demerol for migraines, as “it goes straight to the right side of your brain.”
“Evi said of Altringer, scoffing, “She’s unstable.”
“Why do people believe someone like her—and not us?” asked Randy.


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